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Starting a company in Germany

Your company is founded – what comes next?

Your German company has become a reality! And what is to be expected after the foundation?

Your German company has become a reality! From the beginning of the establishment process, up to and including the registration of your company with all necessary authorities, INDIPA has assisted you. Of course, you now want to concentrate on your German business activities, to turn your GmbH into a successful German company. But what is to be expected after the foundation?

What is to be expected after the foundation?


After your German company has been registered with the German trade register and with the city where your company is seated, various German authorities and institutions will automatically be informed about this new foundation of your German company. And this leads to a whole lot of correspondence.

The city of your German seat will contact you concerning the forecast for the income tax types. The tax authority will also contact you, to point out the obligated registration at the tax register and concerning the regular advance VAT declarations and tax statement. The Employers Liability Insurance Association will want to know how many employees your German company is hiring, so that your contribution can be determined. And for this you need to use the number which will be passed on to you by the employment agency, another formal letter.

In short, it is to be expected that after the foundation of your new German company, many instances will contact you and ask for information that need to be filed in a swift and proper way.

Tax adviser:

As soon as you develop economic activities on German soil, you become subject to the German tax system. Hence, it is important to soon take care of registering your German company at the tax authority, to receive your national and international VAT-number. Besides, your company needs to file a tax declaration on a monthly basis, which can only be done by using the appropriate software. As to avoid unnecessary mistakes and annoyances, we strongly advise that you engage a German bookkeeper / tax adviser who takes care of this.

Transparency Register:

Due to the European legislation on Anti-Money-Laundering, all beneficial owners of your GmbH must be registered in the so-called “Transparenzregister”, also known as UBO or Transparency Register. You can do so online, by clicking on the following link: As for all compulsory registrations, the omission of registration can lead to (high) fines.


Sure, it has gotten clear by now, that after foundation quite some administration activities will pop up. Especially with regards to all formal correspondence, it is important to know, what correspondence to react to, by when and moreover, how. Particularly as some German authorities apply strict measures in the absence of an adequate response.

However, there is no need to stress out or to even reconsider your foundation plans. Based upon our years of experience, we can assist you and take care of all the administrative hassle, so that you can concentrate on your German activities

INDIPA’s support after the foundation

Please continue reading here to find out, how INDIPA can assist you after foundation and deal with all administrative matters on your behalf in an adequate and professional manner.