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Market entry consulting Germany

Take advantage of our tried and tested approach and our experience from more than 100 businesses we successfully support entering the German market!

Market entry consulting

Of course, the German market is attractive for several business segments for various reasons. The question is not, if there is potential, but how to develop this potential for your corporation.

We help you to create and successfully implement your “Business Case Germany”! Your possible entry into the German market needs to be well considered and especially well prepared! Take advantage of our tried and tested approach and our experience from more than 100 businesses we successfully support entering the German market! 

For us it is important to emphasize that we fully integrate your existing knowledge, your capacities and your time planning into our approach. Thus, we not only ensure a very efficient working method, but also prepare your independent market development in the best possible way by carrying out all steps together.

The starting point of our cooperation is your goals, plans and capacities as well as the framework conditions you specify.

Projects with INDIPA are characterized by high efficiency. We achieve this by using many templates, analysis grids and tools. With the help of our proven network of agencies, banks, tax consultants, lawyers, notaries and other specialists, we solve problems from all related areas.

Make use of our expertise

In our long experience as management consultants, we have successfully advised a large number of companies, from small businesses to international corporations in the processing of sales-related tasks.

Whether online via your own webshop or via amazon, via your own field sales organisation, sales representatives, wholesalers and specialist dealers or via distributors – we have extensive knowledge of all sales channels.

The German market is particularly attractive for many companies (size, stability, security), but also particularly difficult to conquer (very loyal, not very innovative, very demanding customers in terms of quality and price, enormous competitive pressure due to the high market attractiveness and the central location in the middle of Europe). We look forward to supporting you with your market entry in Germany!

Need a commercial partner when you find out that you should enter into the German market?

You want to enter into the German market, but due to legal, cultural and language differences it would make sense to have a local partner? Let´s talk about an entrepreneurial partnership where INDIPA e. g. is a shareholder of your German company and takes over the commercial and administrative part of your German business!

What makes INDIPA’s services unique?

We are consultants and implementers. We always focus on the success of our clients. Together we work out the optimal and efficient cultivation of the German market and implement this together in our day-to-day business. The close exchange with our clients on strategic and operational issues, our flexibility and “hands-on mentality” make us unique.