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Warehouse Germany – setup your own German business

You have European customers and want to stay close to them? The next step in your company’s growth leads to Germany? You need to be able to act quickly and flexibly on the European mainland and supply your customers at short notice?

So you are thinking about setting up a company location in Germany. You want to rent a warehouse and office space and set up your own company there.

It is very difficult to set up a company from a distance, find an office and warehouse location, hire employees and get everything up and running.

This is where INDIPA comes in: We support you in finding the right property and, most importantly, in successfully renting it for you. At the same time, we take care of all the necessary steps of setting up a company for you. Simultaneously, we find the right employees for your company!

Here you can find out more about setting up a company in Germany and the services offered by INDIPA. Read how we have already successfully supported over 100 companies in setting up in Germany.

If you would like to know more about INDIPA’s recruitment services, please click here.

When searching for suitable properties (warehouse/office), we of course work with the established internet marketplaces. These are also available in English so that we can search and discuss properties together with you. At least as difficult as finding a suitable property is renting it as a young or foreign company. This is where INDIPA’s support is particularly valuable and effective!

INDIPA helps you to quickly set up your fully operational company in Germany in a short time. Exactly according to your needs and in close coordination with you! We have the know-how and many years of experience and have strong references with our many satisfied customers.

Contact us today to discuss your goals and plans and find out when you can start in Germany!