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“Secure your European business today against Brexit”

“The risk of a hard [no-deal] Brexit is growing by the day,” said Joachim Lang, the head of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), in a wide-ranging interview with the Rheinische Post newspaper. “Every business would do well to prepare for this worst-case scenario.”

(The Guardian 27.8.18)

The consequences of Brexit are still unclear. We do know, however, that business between British companies and EU companies will probably become more difficult and vice versa. There could be more issues with customs, transport of goods, financial services, taxes and contracts.

We, INDIPA, would recommend British companies to setup a European company. The British company can then deliver to their EU subsidiary and in turn the EU subsidiary can deliver to the EU customers . In this way the „Brexit-risk“ is transferred to the intercompany business, between the British parent company and the EU subsidiary.

It will mean that you will probably have extra effort within the company but you will secure business with EU customers and you can expect that many of the loyal customers (especially German ones) will remain so.

Christoph Schulte (Managing Director) and the INDIPA team would be happy to assist you in setting up your German company.