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Ready for take-off German company within 3 months

The German market is attractive and most probably offers a high potential for your products/services as well. With your company, you want to enter the German market. The question is how to do this in the most successful and efficient way!?

Save a lot of time

You could try to do all steps yourself and ask an employee (which you maybe have to find first) to do that. But as it would probably be the first time this person has to do it, it would not be very efficient. Let an expert do the whole job for you. INDIPA parallel will

  • create the needed legal entity (e. g. a German GmbH)
  • search and find the right employee(s) for you – of course based on your exact briefing and with your control and accordance through the whole process
  • do a market research in the needed way (depending on what you already know or have)
  • identify potential customers
  • contact those customers to arrange first appointments
  • organize and start German customer service

This means: When your German employee starts, he/she can directly start with the onboarding process and start selling – no very expensive time for setting-up activities gets lost!

Make or buy easily decided

If you compare the time you need with the time we need you will probably find out that we are much faster. If you compare the costs “make or buy”, you will find out that you can save 50% by chosing INDIPA as your partner!

100% your business

Of yourse, we will work very closely together with you and bring to life exactly the German business you need. We are maybe not experts for your industry or market segment (although we have strong references in a lot of them) – but we are experts for selling in the German market!

Years of experience – strong references

We do all described and needed work for years already. INDIPA´s managing director Christoph Schulte used to work as a sales consultant and sales trainer for more than 10 years. With the international INDIPA team, we served more than 100 clients and successfully supported their market entry in Germany. Contact us to discuss your plans for the German market!