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The economic centre of North Rhine-Westphalia

Our office is situated in Düsseldorf-Heerdt on the left bank of the River Rhine. Düsseldorf is the capital and the economic centre of North Rhine-Westphalia, and thus a very attractive city for doing business in. Düsseldorf belongs to Germany’s five most important economic regions and is consistently ranked as one of the top German cities in terms of growth forecasts. This is especially due to the city’s central location, its proximity to Germany’s third largest airport, the river Rhine which makes the city a hub for rivertransport and the Düsseldorf trade fair which hosts 25 leading international fairs. Düsseldorf is a prime location for many industrial companies, management consultancies and law firms, banks, telecommunication companies, energy suppliers and companies in the fashion and advertising sector. Additionally, Düsseldorf has the convenient assets of a British Consulate General, numerous established British companies and an international school.